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Let’s Compost!


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Did you know that food scraps and waste, along with yard waste, make up a staggering 30% of the average American’s trash? That’s equivalent to one pound of food waste per person, per day, everyday! That type of waste takes a serious toll on the environment. When food ends up in the landfill, we are basically throwing away all of the resources that went into producing it: water, nutrients, pesticides (in many cases), and fossil fuels used to transport it to the place where we purchased it. In addition, food that decomposes in a landfill produces a very potent greenhouse gas called methane.  

Getting Started

First, we have to be diligent about reducing our food waste. Storing food correctly, eating leftovers, being a smart shopper, and having meal plans are all important steps towards reducing waste. But for those pesky food scraps that we cannot eat, the best solution is to make sure they are composted.

Composting is the ultimate form of recycling. What are food scraps one day can be transformed into a powerful amendment for your soil. Compost adds nutrients, and also improves water retention in your soil — two things plants really need to thrive. The process of composting also introduces beneficial organisms to the soil that help deliver nutrients to your plants –and that’s all on top of reducing greenhouse gases and landfill waste. With so many potential benefits, why pay to have your food waste trucked off to a landfill, or to a distant composting facility, when you can recycle and reuse it at home?

Watch our new video, “The ABCs of Composting,” featuring experienced composters from Sustainable Claremont to learn more about how to get started. If you still have questions, you can always Contact Us to inquire about a 1-on-1 composting lesson.
Not ready to DIY? Find out more about our Community Composting Program. For a small enrollment fee, we take care of the composting process for you! Participating households receive a bucket to collect food waste and they deliver their food scraps to our composting site in the Claremont Village neighborhood. Members may exchange a dirty bucket for a clean container as needed when you drop off your food scraps, and you may take home finished compost for your home garden!
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