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Thank you for joining our second annual Earth Action Week online!  Each day between April 19 – 25th, 2021 we invited our community members to make a ‘Pledge-for-the-Planet’ in honor of the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day. Our goal was to encourage individuals to become active agents in climate solutions by making commitments to tangible, everyday actions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions or water consumption.  Check out our resources and ideas on the pages below.

Climate change and global pollution can make us feel overwhelmed. And the truth is, we simply cannot solve many of these challenges as individuals. Still, there are many everyday habits we can develop that can reduce our impact on the planet. Making earth-friendly choices not only make us feel better, but it is now necessary to have all hands on deck!  Small changes made by individuals, along with collective action to change systems and policies, are critical to improve our planet’s health.

Let’s Plant Trees!
Let’s Compost!
Let’s Walk & Roll!
Let’s Conserve!
Let’s Grow Food Locally!
Let’s Clean Up!
Let’s Use Clean Power!

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