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Let’s Walk & Roll!


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Did you know that transportation accounts for more than 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions in California, most of which is from vehicle travel? Here in Claremont, we are contributing our fair share. In the year 2019, Claremont’s seven gas stations sold nearly 11,500,000 gallons of gas!
California has mandated goals for reducing transportation-based greenhouse gas emissions and the number of miles traveled per person in by 2035, but we are not on track to meet those goals yet.  In fact, as of 2020, both figures were still increasing. During Earth Action Week we are encouraging YOU to try making active transportation part of your routine. Instead of reaching for your car keys, put on some walking shoes, or hop on a bicycle to pick up that next prescription, or to go grab those few items you missed during your last trip to the grocery store. It will do your body, and our air, some good!
Need inspiration? Check out The Ins & Outs of Everyday Biking video where the Sustainable Claremont team talks to a few local community members who make biking a regular habit.

What’s holding you back?

It takes too much time? Think again. Most people can walk a mile in 20 minutes. By the time you get in your car, drive, wait for traffic lights, park, walk in…is driving really any faster? If you walk a total of 2 miles and it takes 40 minutes, you’ve got your daily exercise and you’ve completed an errand at the same time!

Why is parking my car for short trips important?

The benefits to getting around on foot or by bike are many: reducing fuel costs, getting exercise, and relieving stress. And these are just some of the immediate benefits to you personally! Reducing the number of car trips we take improves our air quality and helps fend off a rapidly changing climate.

Getting Started

Use an online tool (like THIS ONE) to map out a 1-3 mile radius from your home. Then think about what trips you make within the area that could be done on foot, bike, scooter, instead of always taking a car. Using a distance measuring tool, or many other popular mapping apps, you may draw a route on the map, and it will tell you how long the trip is.  Also be sure to check out this helpful guide from the League of American Cyclists that can answer a wide range of questions you may have when getting started.

Pledge for the Planet tip:  Using the distance measuring tool mentioned above, you can draw your short walking or biking route on the map, and then click on the green button to “share distance.” From there, send your route to us by email or via social media (Facebook, Instagram) with the hashtag #Walk&Roll! Extra points to all who go this extra mile on your pledge!
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