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Let’s Conserve!


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Did you know that California has committed to reducing total carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2030? Reaching this ambitious goal is the equivalent of taking nearly 5.6 million cars off the road every year! That means reducing our individual emissions from 14 to just 10 tons of carbon annually. A great way to help reach that target is through energy conservation.

Getting Started

Starting down the path of conservation can be daunting, but our friends at Energy Upgrade California have developed a great conservation toolkit. SIGN UP to their GOLDIE textbot app and you will receive simple, actionable energy conservation tips on your phone each week. On the whole these simple tips can have a really big impact.

Be sure to check out these great energy conservation guides if you are a:

NOTE:  If you run a business or a nonprofit located in the San Gabriel Valley and would like to go green, be sure to check out these RESOURCES from the San Gabriel Energy Wise Partnership

Next Steps 

Are you ready to take that extra step and level up your conservation efforts? Then check out this useful, one-stop resource to find new, energy efficient appliances for your home. You can even check for money saving rebates to make your dollar go further. With these resources in your energy conservation toolkit, you’ll be on the path to lower energy bills, and equally important, a reduced carbon footprint!

Earth Day Sponsor

What better way to celebrate this great planet than with pizza! This Earth Day, our friends at Pizza N Such donated 15% of their sales on April 22 to Sustainable Claremont.  Thanks Pizza N Such!

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