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Sustainable Claremont urges a yes vote on Measure CR

By October 18, 2019January 19th, 2020No Comments

“Whereas the city of Claremont, in avoiding budget shortfalls, has cut funds for sustainability programs and personnel;

Whereas advocacy for city sustainability is an integral part of Sustainable Claremont’s mission;

Whereas Measure CR can provide funds to avoid further cuts in the advancement of city sustainability;

Therefore Sustainable Claremont advocates a yes vote on Measure CR.”

That resolution passed unanimously. Economic, social, and environmental sustainability is strongly supported by the community and in Claremont’s planning. Our urban forest and other qualities make Claremont a happy place to live. If Measure CR does not pass, that quality will be degraded.

I was surprised, and saddened, to hear that city staff has already been cut by 20 percent because of financial stress. Without additional funds there will have to be further cuts in staff and nonprofit organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Claremont Heritage, Claremont Senior Services, Sustainable Claremont, and others. The quality of life in Claremont will diminish for all of us.

Some people feel our taxes are already high, so why should we add to that burden? Actually, of the 9.5 percent sales taxes on purchases in Claremont only 1 percent is allocated to Claremont for general operations, and that is not enough to cover current city expenses. The three-quarter cent increase from Measure CR will help cover that shortfall.

Unlike Measure W, for acquiring the water system — which more than 70 percent of the voting community supported — we cannot have the benefits of Measure CR denied to us by the questionable decision of a judge or anyone else. It will take just a simple majority vote to pass Measure CR. Please vote yes!

Demystifying Sustainability is an initiative of Sustainable Claremont (

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