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How to Deal with Plastics

By September 12, 2019December 6th, 2019No Comments

Sustainability Dialog: Monday, September 16, 2019, 7–8:30 p.m.

Plastic is plastic, right? So why is it so hard to recycle it? What do the numbers 1-7 mean? Why is plastic in the ocean? What would happen if we banned all plastic packaging? Why can’t I put all plastic in my blue bin? Why is food security linked to plastic packaging? I’ve tried to remove plastic packaging from my life, but it’s hard. I feel guilty, but don’t know what to do … so I’m angry at the companies who put me in this position. Who are the companies and what are they doing?

Come hear some answers and consider the complex solutions we face as a society. Terry Grill is Director, Sustainability Americas at Sealed Air Corporation, a founding director of Sustainable Claremont, and a board member of the Catalina Island Conservancy.

Hahn Bldg, Rm 101, Pomona College, 420 N Harvard, Claremont