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Sustainable Claremont is excited to offer a program to help community members grow food at home. Home gardening is a great family-friendly activity that enables us to have fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on demand while decreasing the carbon footprint of your food. Let us help you get your hands dirty!  You can choose from one (or all) of the services we provide below:

Garden Coaching

Schedule an in-person, one-on-one coaching session with a member of our team. From pruning techniques, to answering questions about what to plant, and even troubleshooting about how to revive your garden space–we can help.

Raised Bed Installation

Did you know that this year alone, Sustainable Claremont has built and installed more than 20 raised bed gardens? Our standard raised beds are 8’ long, by 2.5’ wide, by 11” tall, and we fill them with high quality organic soil. When you order your raised bed, a member of our team will contact you to help identify a good location for your new garden and answer any of your questions. We will then schedule a time to build and install your new raised bed.

Compost Coaching

Meet with one of our experts at our local community compost site for a hands-on, interactive lesson on how you can start transforming your green waste into beautiful soil at home.


Have questions about the coaching options and raised bed gardens we provide? Contact us

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