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In 2014, a team of Environmental Analysis students at Pomona College developed a proposal for establishing program to educate Claremont residents about the use of water in their landscapes and to provide resources to help homeowners establish water-wise landscapes.  From this proposal, the Drought-Resistant Irrigation Program (DRIP) was born.


  • Water is a scarce resource in Southern California.
  • Climate change and a growing population will make water increasingly scarce.
  • Claremont can be a model for other communities.

DRIP’s aims:

  • To promote attractive climate-appropriate landscapes in Claremont.
  • To promote efficient irrigation, water conservation, and water reclamation.
  • To create a network of local resources to provide information and services to property owners.

DRIP’s accomplishments:

  • Two low-water landscape expos.
  • Classes on designing, establishing, and maintaining water-efficient landscapes.