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On November 6, 2022 Sustainable Claremont will be holding our second annual Green Home Tour! The aim of the tour is to provide YOU, members of the community, access to homes and homeowners living in Claremont who have made significant sustainable improvements. The event will provide an opportunity to learn more about cutting edge sustainability products, learn from homeowners about how they chose their upgrades, what went right, what they would have done differently, and what wisdom they have to share. 

Through this tour, we hope that participants will have more resources about local, sustainable home upgrade providers, a greater understanding of what can be upgraded and how to do it, and first-hand testimonials to provide insight into the process.

The Green Home Tour is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors:

Blue Planet United | Dan Moncayo and HPM Solar | Designodal

View the Virtual Tours from the 2021 Green Home Tour


Residential Renewable Power – Generation, Storage and Management.

Tour a net-zero home that relies almost solely on renewable solar power, storage and management. Also discuss the relative benefits and costs of grid scaled renewable power vs. rooftop solar with this home owner. (Video)

Backyard Bounty: Gardens, Greywater and Chickens.

Tour the property surrounding a historic 1920s home that has been transformed into an eclectic mix of edible, drought tolerant and native plants. A greywater system reuses water to support fruit trees and backyard hens recycle table and garden scraps into a steady supply of fresh eggs and fertilizer for the garden. (Video)

Home Energy Efficiency.

With a professional energy efficiency audit in hand, find out how these homeowners focused their home upgrades on state of the art insulation, energy efficient heating and air conditioning, and rooftop solar. (Video)

Sustainable Living for Renters and Seniors.

This tour explores ways that renters and those living in senior communities, dormitories, or with family have reduced their impacts at home without making big changes to the property where they live.  Join us for a night with residents who share how they engage in everything from community gardening and composting, to conserving energy and changing consumer behaviors and diets! (Video)

Green Home Tour Resource Guide

All registered participants received a free copy of our Green Home Tour Resource Guide, which includes a synopsis of each featured tour along with a listing of the contractors and resources that were used by the residents.

The 2021 virtual tour was offered free of charge by the generous support of our sponsors:

 Lewis Management Group | Energy Upgrade California | Southern California Edison |
Carol Worby Holder Fund and John Mallinckrodt Fund