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Save the dates:  April 19th – 25th


We hope you will join us for our second annual Earth Action Week online!  From April 19 – 25, 2021 we will be asking you to commit to tangible, everyday actions that reduce carbon dioxide emissions or save water — many things that are likely to save you money also!

Individual actions have amazing power to grow into significant impacts on our planet.  Last year, 50 members of our community committed to 631 actions, which taken together, prevented 295,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from being released and conserved 800,000 lbs of water. Those are savings equivalent to driving the around the planet nearly 12 times, and filling an Olympic sized swimming pool!

This year we are planning an even more ambitious Earth Action Week than last year.  We’ll be online spotlighting a full range of activities that are accessible for nearly anyone to adopt, but we’ll also be offering support that may help you make your earth-friendly desires become a reality.  We can help get more trees happily rooted in the ground, or assist you with making your very own home garden or compost bin, as well as share advice on how to maintain them. More details coming soon!

Tune in here starting April 19th when we’ll launch our Pledge for the Planet form on this page. We’ll be offering a range of important actions that can add up to make a planetary difference.  We believe there is a way for nearly everyone to make caring for our planet an everyday habit.

If you already practice climate-friendly habits, we want to hear from you too because YOU are critical to helping us build momentum!  We want to celebrate our collective commitments and make protecting the planet a daily activity!

Coming soon: Purchase a raised bed garden installation from us!
Coming soon: Purchase a home compost bin installation from us!
Available now: Make a donation to our Plant-A-Tree program!

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