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2023 Green Home Tour

Mark your calendar for November 12 and come join us in our 3rd Annual Green Home Tour!

This is your chance to talk with local residents who have made significant home sustainability improvements. Learn about their process, their successes and challenges, which vendors they used, and more. We will also feature local solar and home appliance contractors as well as experts in local waterwise landscapes and free e-bike test rides!

2023 Green Home Tour Resource Guide

All registered participants received a free copy of our Green Home Tour Resource Guide, which includes a synopsis of each featured tour along with a listing of the contractors and resources that were used by the residents.

Featured Homes:

Marilyn Scaff – Pavement to Paradise Gardens

This is a remarkable transformation of a 1940s bungalow’s lifeless pavement driveway into a thriving, sustainable oasis. Marilyn’s dedication to creating garden spaces around her home, complete with 17 trees, recycled planters, solar fountains, and raised beds, exemplifies her commitment to carbon sequestration, self-sufficiency, wildlife conservation, and community resilience. Her project showcases the potential to reclaim paved areas without electricity or herbicides, emphasizing water-wise practices and sustainable gardening techniques. Beyond the garden’s beauty and environmental benefits, Marilyn’s work serves as a testament to the importance of local living and building resilient communities in the face of complex global challenges.

*Chip Grubbs from CALBG will be on site to help answer questions about native landscaping at this home!

Ann Taves and Ray Paloutzian – A Pilgrim Place Eco-Home

Ann and Ray’s 1952 Ranch, located in Pilgrim Place, underwent a comprehensive sustainability-focused remodel after their purchase in August 2021. Collaborating with Pilgrim Place’s Building and Grounds team, the couple aimed to transform their home into an energy-efficient, all-electric haven. The extensive renovations included new electrical wiring, energy-efficient TruDefinition® DURATION® COOL shingles for the roof, a Trane XV19 variable speed heat pump for heating and cooling, an electric heat pump water heater, and a Frigidaire Gallery Induction stove. They even opted for a solar/wind-powered clothesline instead of a gas dryer and upgraded their garage for a Level 2 charger for their 2023 Chevy Bolt. Additionally, Ann took the initiative to revamp the landscaping, incorporating rainwater conservation measures, pathways, and native, drought-tolerant plants. This ongoing project showcases their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in their 1,200 sq. ft. home.

Ross Pringle & Sarah Budischak – Energy, Water and Active Transportation

This home exemplifies a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. In terms of energy, the house has undergone significant upgrades, including the addition of loose cellulose insulation in the attic, a 5.2 kW solar panel system with REC panels and Enphase inverters, a reflective shingle roof, and a Carrier HVAC 5-stage heat pump that replaced a gas furnace and AC. Furthermore, the transition to an electric induction range, LED/CFL lighting, and point-of-use electric tankless water heaters in the kitchen and master bath reduced energy consumption. Ross also adopted water-saving practices, such as drip irrigation, native drought-tolerant landscaping, dual flush toilets, and water-saving fixtures in the master bath, showcasing a holistic approach to sustainability in both energy and water conservation at his residence.

*Active SGV will be on site with e-bike test rides at this home!

Tim Byers & Wendy Gamber: A Cozy Home Powered by the Sun

This home underwent a comprehensive sustainability transformation, addressing issues related to temperature control, insulation, and energy efficiency. Tim and Wendy began by improving air sealing and insulating the building envelope, sealing cracks and gaps, and boosting attic insulation. They also replaced the HVAC system with a high-efficiency ducted heat pump, designed for balanced airflow and equipped with advanced air filtration. Windows and doors were weather-stripped, and energy-efficient appliances were introduced, including an electric induction range and a heat pump water heater, ultimately transitioning the home to an all-electric setup. The yard and garden received eco-friendly upgrades, with the removal of water-intensive plants and the introduction of California native plants, fruit trees, and composting practices. Although there were lessons learned along the way, this home’s sustainability journey showcases a holistic approach to reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental responsibility. Future plans include adopting low-flow fixtures and optimizing rainwater utilization.

Ron Mittino–ADU, Electrification and Nonno’s Farm

This home on Princeton Ave., originally constructed in 1958, has undergone several transformations, mirroring the evolving values of its owners. Initially situated on a .41-acre plot near train tracks, it featured two garages and an accessory dwelling unit. Subsequent owners, with ties to Disneyland’s landscapers, expanded the property, introducing over 10,000 square feet of lush lawns, pine trees for noise and view screening, and an irrigation system. The current owner, in alignment with changing values, undertook a makeover emphasizing water-wise landscaping, including vegetable beds, olive trees, a mini vineyard, a chicken coop, a storage barn, and a play area. The house itself boasts energy-efficient upgrades, such as heat pumps, a tankless water heater, dual-pane windows, insulation, and solar panels. The overarching goal of these changes is to offer a living example of addressing climate change while embracing the beauty of nature, especially for children, as seen in “Nonno’s Farm.”

The 2023 Green Home Tour is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors:

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2022 Green Home Tour

A Work in Progress

Jeff and Valerie recently purchased their home and have made significant changes with sustainability in mind. Their primary goals were to increase energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality, shift to clean energy resources, and reduce water consumption. Upgrades include a grey-water system; solar panels and an EV charger; native, drought-tolerant vegetation; an electric car and an electric bike, and more!

A Bike for Every Occasion and an Edible Garden

The Medero family has been car-free for 14 years, including eight years in Claremont. Check out their fleet of bikes and learn how they transformed their front yard into a robust edible garden.

All-Electric Architect-designed ADU

Angela and Brian wanted an ADU to help with aging parents and future housing flexibility. With extensive building & remodeling experience, they took on the role of owner-builder. The finished product includes double-pane window walls, all-electric appliances with ductless mini-splits for heating and cooling, induction stove, electric heat pump water heater, radiant heat bathroom floor, laundry to landscape gray-water system, backyard composting of food waste, 100% recycled composite decking, and a Tesla solar roof

Team Tesla

 Mike and Diane bought their home in 2016, and knew that it would soon need a new roof. They decided on a Tesla solar roof, which would both serve as their replacement roof and allow them to utilize solar energy. They now produce enough power from the sun to power their home and also charge the electric car. Learn about the types of rebates they used to make this transformation possible!

Off the Beaten Track

Tobias set out to have a home that uses both natural systems and the newest tech. From induction cooking to modular heat pump heating and cooling in every room, this home takes innovation to the next level. This is pared with simple solutions: strategic shade trees,  a clothesline, blown cellulose insulation, kitchen countertops made from post-consumer recycled paper, and more.

2022 Green Home Tour Resource Guide

All registered participants received a free copy of our Green Home Tour Resource Guide, which includes a synopsis of each featured tour along with a listing of the contractors and resources that were used by the residents.

2021 Virtual Green Home Tour

Residential Renewable Power – Generation, Storage and Management

Tour a net-zero home that relies almost solely on renewable solar power, storage and management. Also discuss the relative benefits and costs of grid scaled renewable power vs. rooftop solar with this home owner. (Video)

Backyard Bounty: Gardens, Greywater and Chickens

Tour the property surrounding a historic 1920s home that has been transformed into an eclectic mix of edible, drought tolerant and native plants. A greywater system reuses water to support fruit trees and backyard hens recycle table and garden scraps into a steady supply of fresh eggs and fertilizer for the garden. (Video)

Home Energy Efficiency

With a professional energy efficiency audit in hand, find out how these homeowners focused their home upgrades on state of the art insulation, energy efficient heating and air conditioning, and rooftop solar. (Video)

Sustainable Living for Renters and Seniors

This tour explores ways that renters and those living in senior communities, dormitories, or with family have reduced their impacts at home without making big changes to the property where they live.  Join us for a night with residents who share how they engage in everything from community gardening and composting, to conserving energy and changing consumer behaviors and diets! (Video)

Green Home Tour Resource Guide

All registered participants received a free copy of our Green Home Tour Resource Guide, which includes a synopsis of each featured tour along with a listing of the contractors and resources that were used by the residents.

The 2021 virtual tour was offered free of charge by the generous support of our sponsors:

Lewis Management Group | Energy Upgrade California | Southern California Edison | Carol Worby Holder Fund and John Mallinckrodt Fund