Events: Green Home Tour #2

June 14, 2021
7:00PM - 8:30PM


Backyard Bounty: Gardens, Greywater and Chickens.

Tour the property surrounding a historic 1920s home that has been transformed into an eclectic mix of edible, drought tolerant, and native plants. A greywater system reuses water to support fruit trees and backyard hens recycle table and garden scraps into a steady supply of fresh eggs and fertilizer for the garden.


About:  The Green Home Tour will take place virtually during the month of June, 2021. Each of the four Monday nights in June we will feature a different type of home from the Claremont community where residents have made significant and unique efforts to make their household operations more sustainable. These types of efforts range from installing solar panels, and improving a home’s energy efficiency, to changing the way the residents handle their waste, and more!  

For more information, visit the Green Home Tour event page. This event is free and open to all, but registration is required.