We hope you will join us for our second annual Earth Action Week online! Each day between April 19 – 25th we’ll be online highlighting a different earth-friendly theme asking YOU to make at least one Pledge For The Planet from a list of 20 specific actions you can adopt in your everyday life. Small changes made by individuals, along with collective action to change many systems and policies, are needed now to correct the course of our planet’s future. Climate change and global pollution can make us feel overwhelmed. And the truth is, we simply cannot solve many of these challenges as individuals. Still, there are many everyday habits we can develop that can make a real difference for the planet. Making earth-friendly choices not only make us feel better, but now it is now necessary to have all hands on deck!

Join us during Earth Action Week  — you’ll be surprised how seemingly small behavior changes really do add up to significant benefits for all of us  — and our planet!

How to participate

  • Join us here during Earth Action Week when we will be sharing resources and hosting activities centered on a different theme each day. Check out the links below to find resources and activities on each of the daily themes. Mark your calendar to check in on a day of your choice, or just have a look around and get inspired!
  • Visit our Pledge For the Planet page anytime during Earth Action Week to kickstart your personal action plan! We’ve put together a list of 20? different Earth Action items for you to choose from. We’ve got something for everyone to do to make every day Earth Day!
Let’s Plant Trees!
Let’s Compost!
Let’s Walk & Roll!
Let’s Conserve!
Let’s Grow Food Locally!
Let’s Clean Up!
Let’s Use Clean Power!

Whether you’re just beginning to think about planet-friendly actions, or eco-awareness is your priority, we want YOU to join us! 

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