Let’s Compost!


Today’s activities & resources:

Did you know that food scraps and waste, along with yard waste make up a staggering 30% of what the average American throws away? (MAYBE FIND POUND FIGURE?… that is the equivalent to XXXXX)

Composting is the ultimate form of recycling. What are food scraps one day can be transformed into nutrient rich soil for your garden. The process of composting introduces beneficial organisms to the soil–and that’s all on top of reducing greenhouse gases and landfill waste. After all, why pay to have your food waste trucked off to a landfill, or even to a distant composting facility, when you can recycle and reuse it at home?

Getting started

If you need a bit more hands on help getting started with home composting, check out our new Home Resiliency Program (link?). For a small donation, our compost experts will get your home compost system set up and provide an interactive composting tutorial.  Contact Us for a private 1-on-1 composting lesson.

Don’t want to compost at home?

Find out more about our Community Composting Program. For a small enrollment fee, we take care of the composting process for you! Participating households receive a bucket to collect food waste and they deliver their food scraps to our composting site in the Village. You may exchange a dirty bucket for a clean container as needed when you drop off your food scraps, and you may take home finished compost for your home garden!

Want to learn more about why local composting matters? Or how to get started at your own home? We’ve got some experienced composters who want to share their experience with you! Sustainable Claremont staff have created The ABCs of Composting video for your viewing pleasure!

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